Ella has been shown as a kitten and has had quite a successful debut.  She enjoys being at a show she loves all the fuss and attention!

Shropshire Cat Club Show 4th February 2012

1st Open – Thank you to her judge Mr B Bennett


ORIENTAL BLUE KITTEN FEMALE. 1.BAUERFEIND’S SHIMILEETA MEMPHIS BLUE. F. (37a) 3mths 2wks. Tiny mite with a voice to match, dainty wedge shows a little pinch, teething at present, large ears spread well, held slightly upright at present, eyes of excellent green, wide open with amazement. Profile nearly straight, chin aligned with nose, teething bite meets. Plump little tummy, spidery limbs, medium length tail. Coat a little dry in texture, sound mid blue shade.

Side classes – 1st Oriental Blue Kitten, 1st Oriental Self Kitten and 2nd Oriental Black, Blue or White kitten

The Havanna & Oriental Lilac Cat Club 5th May 2012

1st Breed Class and Best of Breed – thanks to her judge Mrs Wilding

Side classes – 1st AC non Breeders Kitten, 1st AC kitten 6-9 months and 1st Black/White or Blue kitten


Oriental Blue Kitten
1 BOB Graingers Shimileeta Memphis Blue (37a) Delicious kitten and well grown.  Good head, wedge a fraction narrow at present. Good profile and chin. Ears good size, shape and setting. Green Oriental eyes. Firm body, elegant legs and paws.  Tapered tail.  Excellent coat and sound.  Should go far.

The Oriental Shaded, Smoke & Tabby Society Show – 5th May 2012

1st Breed Class and Best of Breed – thanks to her judge Mrs Higgins

Side classes – 1st AV Non Breeders Kitten, 3rd AV Guest Breeds Kitten and 2nd AV Radius Kitten

Awarded Overall Best in Show Kitten


AC Non Breeders Kitten
1st Graingers Shimileeta Memphis Blue.  Good head length with a balanced wedge, large ears set well, oriental eyes a light shade of green, profile straight chin firm, short fine coat, close lying with glossy surface.  A deep shade of blue which is sound to the roots.  Body firm and plump with slim legs, oval paws, long tapering tail in excellent condition has a very friendly sweet temperament.

Lakeland & District Cat Club Show – 16th June 2012

1st Breed Class and Best of Breed – thank you to her judge Mrs S Hamilton

Side classes – 1st AC Kitten Not Bred By Exhibitor, 1st AC Limit Kitten and 2nd AC Exhibit 80 miles or less from the Show Hall


A generally very pleasing girl – she is still developing and her ears have still to settle to compliment her otherwise good wedge shaped head. Very good oriental eye shape and setting. Eye colour is of a good green tone. She shows a slight pinch to her muzzle but the bite is level and her chin is firm. Good length to developing body with proportionate slender legs and lengthy tapering tail. Coat is of a good blue colour ,is fairly sound to root and is close lying. A delightful girl for temperament and was shown in good condition.


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