Hi we are Joyce & Kevin Grainger, our main passions in life, after our family, are our Siamese and Oriental cats.

We live in a small town called Hindley near Wigan in Greater Manchester. We have four grown up children between us from separate marriages. Only Simon (22) remains at home and is a willing helper with the kittens.

We have eight cats, Frink (a female neutered black and white moggie).

Thomas (a male neutered Tabby moggie), Magical Sundowner our oldest Siamese pet name Mij (a male neutered Seal Point Siamese).

Shimileeta Rhapsody pet name Maggie (a female neutered Seal Point Siamese) Magical Thatcher pet name Lizzie (a female neutered Seal Tabby Point Siamese).  Both Maggie and Lizzie were our foundation queens and are now retired, they will spend the rest of their lives with us as pampered pets.

Premier Wandering Bobby Ball pet name Nelson (a male neutered Chocolate Tabby Point) Nelson is our show cat and recently gained the title of Premier.

Champion Wandering Thatchers Gold pet name Rosie (a female Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese) and Shimileeta Memphis Blue pet name Ella (a female blue Oriental).

Rosie and Ella are our current breeding queens, Rosie is a home bred girl, the daughter of Lizzie.

Thanks to Jenny from Shimileeta and Audrey of Magical Siamese for allowing us to follow our dream to start our breeding family.