At this time we currently have no kittens for sale and are taking a break from breeding.

If you are interested in buying, or are looking for a kitten in the future, then please email us. If we cannot help you, we may know of breeders that have a litter available!

All of our babies will leave home after they have reached 13 weeks of age or at least a week after their full course of inoculations. They will be vaccinated against flu and enteritis, insured with pet plan for 6 weeks and registered with the GCCF. They will have all been given a health check by our vet prior to leaving. Kittens will be completely weaned and litter trained.

Each kitten will also come with a kitten pack which will include:

  • A sample of the cat litter currently used.
  • A sample of food, which they will be used to eating and their very favourite toy, along with some other items too!

We will ask many questions about your personal circumstances that you may think are intrusive. The reason we ask these questions is to ensure our babies go to the best possible homes; We have very high expectations of these homes and expect to have lots of contact before we let any baby go.

We do not sell kittens on the active register, no kittens are sold to breeding homes,  all kittens will be registered on the Non-Active register, which means no kittens from that animal may be registered, at all, ever. If you are looking for a cat to breed from, please be honest and discuss it with us from the beginning, as we may know of a breeder that may be willing to home a cat on the active register.

We expect every kitten that leaves our home to be neutered at around 6 months of age; you will be given a form to give to your vet when this takes place, which needs to be returned to us with the practice details and confirmation of the neutering. We expect vaccination, worming and flea treatment to be continued throughout the life of the cat. You will also be provided with an Agreement of Sale.

We stand by any kitten we sell, If you are not happy with your kitten we will have it back straight away in our home at whatever point in its life.