Champion Wandering Thatchers Gold (Rosie)


Rosie is our Chocolate Tabby Point female (32 3) She is one of Lizzie’s kittens from her first litter. We had decided to keep the best kitten from Maggie and Lizzie’s first litters to show. As she has grown she has developed into a beautiful young lady and had a red card day at her very first show.  Since then Rosie has attained the title of Champion gaining her third challenge certificate at the 2009 Supreme Cat Show.
She is a very confident fiesty girl and wins the heart of everyone she meets she has proved to be an excellent mother and passes her lovely nature onto her kittens.





Shimileeta Memphis Blue (Ella)


Ella is our Oriental Blue female (37a)  She is our first Oriental and is a fine example of her breed.  She is very loving and her best friend is Nelson, they are always together and usually up to mischief.  She is also very fond of our dog Archie, they can often be found snuggled up together in a basket!  Ella has had a successful show career as a kitten and was awarded best in show kitten at The Oriental Shaded, Smoke & Tabby Society Show in May 2012 Ella has has had one litter of kittens however we didn’t feel she was enjoying being a breeding queen so she has now been neutered and retired.  She will spend the rest of her life with us here as a happy neuter.  Her daughter Mika will take her place.






Mika is our Oriental Black Female (37) She is one of Ella’s first kittens.  She was originally sold to her new owners but she wasn’t happy and we brought her back home where she will join our breeding program.  She is a lovely happy purry girl and loves nothing more than a cuddle on your knee however she does have a naughty side and will get up to mischief with her pal Nelson.  Mika will be a lovely addition to our breeding program when she is old enough and we look forward to some lovely kittens in the future.