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Nelson is our show cat and thoroughly enjoys his days out at shows where he gets a lot of fuss and attention, to date he has attained the title of Premier and has attended the following shows

North West Cat Club Show 24th September 2011

Open 1st and Premier Certificate – thank you to his judge Dr B Bennett


Tabby Point Siamese Neuter.
1. PC. Grainger’s Wandering Bobby Ball. MN. (32 3). 10mths 2wks. Youth with a longish, even wedge, oriental blue eyes, set marginally close, well inclined, ears flared in line. Very good straight profile, muzzle could be deeper, bite meets. Huge body, clearly enjoys his grub (perhaps an exercise bike?), lengthy limbs, tail needs a little length for balance. Clear tabby pattern with warmth to the tracings, contrasting body, softly shaded

Shropshire Cat Club Show 4th February 2012

Open 1st Best of Breed and Premier Certificate – thank you to his judge Mrs Shirley Bullock


Tabby Point Neuter Male
1st Pr BOB. Grainger’s Wandering Bobby Ball. 32 3. What a substantial boy, who obviously enjoys his food. Good long body although a little on the heavy side. Well ringed long tail. /Classic head lines with oriental set blue eyes. Large wide set ears. Straight profile and firm level chin. Close lying clear coat. Well defined tabby markings on points

Lakeland & District Cat Club Show 16th June 2012

Open 1st Best of Breed and Premier Certificate – thanky you to his judge Mr Craig Dryen


Tabby Point Neuter Male
1st PC BOB Graingers Wandering Bobby Ball 32/3 MN 10.11.10
Huge well grown young man of good type and style Longer wedge with large ears set well on head, almost straight profile with firm chin and level bite. Long elegant neck line with huge body (slightly fuller in the middle, he obviously likes his food) don’t let this get too much as he will lose the elegance. Long limbs and long whip to balance. All traced in a mid chocolate tabby points smudged cheek ribbons and leg bracelets. Clear M and Thumb prints and tail rings. Close coat of good texture. Handsome boy well presented



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